Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Welcome to RBHS Technology Troop 208!

The Overview: Teachers participating in Troop 208 will independently explore three technology tools of their choice. These tools include a variety of web-based programs (such as Blogger, Screencast-o-Matic, Evernote, etc.) as well as hardware-based technologies (such as tablets, SmartBoards, etc.). In addition to becoming proficient users of these programs, participants will share their knowledge with colleagues and with the staff as a whole by creating documentation about the technologies for others to use. Participants will also in some way use the tools with students. Additionally, participants will maintain some sort of website, blog, etc. tracking their progress. Troop 208 is appropriate for true beginners as well as for the technologically advanced. We can also work with “graduates” of the 17 Things to Chew On programs to ensure that new tools are available for selection. One of the program’s primary goals is to increase participants’ comfort level with learning new technology, sharing it with others, and integrating it into the classroom, counseling office, or professional workflow.

The Fun Part: The program will be set up as Girl/Boy Scout “Troop 208.” Each participant will receive an actual “sash”. As participants complete various requirements (totalling twelve), they will receive “badges”, which they will be able to attach to their “sash.” Once all twelve badges have been attained, participants will achieve the prestigious “Bulldog Scout” ranking. Small prizes may be involved.

Specific objectives of this group include:

  • attain proficiency with three technology tools
  • create a tangible artifact using each tool (this could be a lesson using the hardware)
  • teach a colleague how to use the tool
  • present one tool to the faculty (this could be in a faculty meeting, at an Institute Day, via a video tutorial, etc.)
  • complete a form detailing the who/what/when/where/why/hows of each tool
  • comment on other participants’ websites, blogs, etc.

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